Canceled on the Emerald Isle

Many of you may already be aware of the unjust treatment an Irish priest, Father Sean Sheehy, has experienced at the hands of Bishop Ray Browne, Diocese of Kerry.

Please see the following articles to learn more about this latest cancelation:

Bishop Censures Priest for Anti-LGBT Homily (

Irish priest reprimanded by bishop for homilies about sin | Catholic News Agency

It angers the faithful Catholic laity, but it isn’t surprising in light of the cancelations that have been spreading across the world for quite a while.

Isn’t Ireland different?

Sadly, Ireland is in a spiritual free fall, similar to most of Europe. It’s not surprising that there were many in attendance who actually stood and left Mass in protest during Fr. Sheehy’s homily. That says all you need to know about the state of The Church in Ireland. Needless to say, the sheep have not been nourished for quite some time on the Emerald Isle.

What can the Coalition for Canceled Priests do?

We’re monitoring Father Sheehy’s situation closely and will be reaching out to offer our support. Though he’s a retired priest, this cancelation by his bishop may not only have a negative effect on him, but also those he has been serving by celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Even more, it shows other faithful priests, especially across Ireland, what may happen if they choose to be as bold (rightly so) as Fr. Sheehy.

However, through prayer and fasting, we can join with Fr. Sheehy and help bring good out of this latest cancelation.

We’ll do what we can to assist Fr. Sheehy; in addition to any other Irish priest facing persecuting from his bishop.

If you would like to send a personal message to Fr. Sheehy, please submit it here. we will be sure to include it with the CFCP’s official correspondence with him. While you’re at it, we’ll give you the option to also send a personal message to Bishop Ray Browne, who canceled Fr. Sheehy.

As we witness yet another example of a faithful priest being canceled for simply doing the job he was ordained to do (save souls) we renew our call to recognize such unjust cancelations and our commitment to minister to these persecuted priests who are tirelessly fighting to preserve our Faith!

Send a personal Message to Fr. Sheehy
donate to help spread awareness of this unjust cancelation
Send a personal Message to Fr. Sheehy
donate to help spread awareness of this unjust cancelation