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The Coalition for Canceled Priests is a lay-led apostolate with a vision of supporting every canceled priest in every country, God Willing. With your continued spiritual, material, and financial support, we can do so. If you desire to talk to a CFCP representative prior to giving, please email [email protected] Thank you for your support.


The Canceled Priests Fund supports canceled priests who have passed the due diligence process and applied for specific needs pertaining to legal, living, housing, transportation, ministerial, spiritual, and educational expenses.

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The Home & Property Fund supports the purchase, maintenance, and development of land and housing dedicated to the CFCP mission; particularly in providing short-term and long-term housing for canceled priests.

Give to the Home & property Fund

The Conference Fund supports CFCP conferences to edify not only canceled priests, but the Catholic laity. Your assistance will help us provide an edifying experience for all who attend.

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Make all checks payable to Coalition for Canceled Priests and mail to:

PO Box 174

Rochelle, Illinois, 61068

United State of America

Please specify on the memo which fund you desire to support. If left blank, the gift will go to the Canceled Priests’ Support Fund.

The Coalition for Canceled Priests is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

FEIN: 87-1298120

Legal Address

53 W. Jackson Blvd

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Mailing Address

PO Box 174

Rochelle, Illinois, 61068

United State of America

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[email protected]