Today, on Giving Tuesday, we’re honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today, through the end of the year, we’re giving a 5-pack of Sacred Heart magnets to each donor who has already registered or will register for automated recurring giving.

Plus, for today only, on Giving Tuesday, we will also be providing any supporter who signs up for recurring giving online for the first time with a 5-pack of Sacred Heart pins.

[See below for pictures and more information.]

Why automated recurring giving?

Having a predictable donation stream from month to month allows organizations to budget more effectively. It’s especially important for a young and growing organization like CFCP where it’s not so easy to forecast without much of a historical basis. Plus, having a predictable automated cash flow allows us to focus more on our mission and less on fundraising. We think you’d appreciate this.

There are several different frequency levels to choose from

We can choose to give Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually. Yes, 1-time gifts are appreciated too.

Yes, you can sign up to give annually.

So, as much as we’d appreciate your 1-time gift (and we do) we would appreciate you committing to that amount at least on a recurring basis. So, if you give $100 today, you can make your gift recur annually, so that $100 is given again next year on the same day. Even though it’s not coming in on a more frequent basis, we can at least account for it on an annual basis. Again, forecasting for 2023 is important for our operating budget.


Each fund helps us in three unique ways. Our Canceled Priests Support Fund goes to supporting canceled priests with legal expenses, living expenses, transportation expenses, educational expenses, and more. Our Property Acquisition Fund goes directly to support not only the purchase of a house/property to house canceled priests short/long term. It also will be used to help maintain and develop the building(s) and property. The Conference Fund goes directly to support our conferences, where we bring together canceled priests and laity to spiritually encourage and educate in an authentically Catholic way. Not only will the Conference Fund ensure the success of our annual conference, but it will help us bring more conferences, seminars, and symposia to more Catholics throughout the world; in-person and virtually.

To make a recurring donation (or one-time) click on one of the three images below.

For further questions, please email [email protected]

Receive a 5-pack of CFCP’s BLESSED Commemorative Sacred Heart Magnets after signing up for automated recurring giving.

This 6″ round magnet is not only a wonderful way to show your love for the Sacred Heart, but it helps promote the Coalition for Canceled Priests. As a show of our appreciation for your ongoing support, we’ll be mailing you five of these magnets to use or gift to your friends/family.

These are having these magnets blessed in order to help bring more devotion to The Sacred Heart and conversion to all who see it.

*For those of you who have already been giving regularly, you will automatically receive a 5-pack of these magnets.

**Unblessed commemorative magnets will soon be available for purchase online. Price is to be announced.

Magnets Are Great for Your Auto or Home


Receive a 5-pack of CFCP’s Commemorative Sacred Heart Pins after signing up for automatic recurring giving on Giving Tuesday.

This colorful metal pin is fitting for social events, where you can show your devotion to the Sacred Heart while promoting The Coalition for Canceled Priests.

We’re having these magnets blessed in order to help bring more devotion to The Sacred Heart and conversion to all who see it.

Note: Unblessed pins will also soon be available online for purchase. Prices are to be announced.