Who is eligible to collaborate with the Coalition?

Each of the following criteria must be met:

  • A validly-ordained Catholic Priest

  • No substantiated (as determined by CFCP) history or current allegations of a delict (a Canon Law violation that is gravely immutable by reason of malice or negligence) at any point since ordination. This does not pertain to a situation in which due process has not been afforded.
  • No substantiated (as determined by CFCP) history or current allegations of relevant criminal wrongdoing at any point since ordination. This does not pertain to minor matters such as a traffic violation, nor disobeying an unjust law (as per the Catechism), nor situations in which due process has not been afforded.
  • If requesting financial or other assistance, there must be a clear and critical need to avert serious adversity.

  • Long-standing and consistent fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church in public ministry and private life.

What types of support are available?

Depending on the availability of CFCP resources and proportionate to the demonstrated need of the candidate, any or all may be offered:

  • Spiritual Support:

    • Prayers – Mass intentions; Rosary intentions; fasting intentions; public prayer rallies at a requested location
      (e.g. Chancery, Parish).
    • Guidance – Discernment with a spiritual advisor.
  • Temporal Support for needs which cannot be met through existing means:

    • Housing – temporary living quarters; rental assistance; essential repairs (including medically-necessitated
      alterations) to current housing.
    • Transportation – moving to a new location, transit to critical meetings (e.g. for a hearing, a CFCP event to
      share their story), temporary regular transportation, essential repairs to vehicle.
    • Medical – assistance paying physical or mental health bills.
    • Legal – assistance paying for legal advisement by a Canon and/or civil lawyer.
    • Outreach – opportunities to raise awareness through CFCP-facilitated speaking engagements, letter writing
      campaigns, website postings, social media, etc.
    • Other – additional requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Legal Disclaimer: CFCP’s provision of support based on current circumstances and available information which can be reasonably considered by the organization. It does not confer endorsement of all actions by the priest nor is it an indicator of continued support into the future, particularly if relevant context was not disclosed to CFCP during the application process.

How is support obtained?

  • The Priest completes an application (available on the CFCP website) which is routed to CFCP’s Priestly Assistance Coordinator.

  • A phone interview or additional written correspondence may be conducted if supplemental information is needed by CFCP during the due diligence evaluation.

  • If the initial request is denied, a brief explanation will be provided by CFCP to the applicant. An appeal may be requested one-time by the applicant by submitting in writing to the CFCP Priestly Assistance Coordinator further context that seeks to address all issues identified in CFCP’s explanation of its original decision. The determination of the appeal request will be provided back to the applicant as soon as practicable. If in the negative, the case is closed and no further action is taken. If positive, the case continues a s follows.

  • Four reference checks are conducted (those listed by the priest).
  • Negotiations of the support to be provided are undertaken with the Priestly Assistance Coordinator and then subsequently voted upon by the CFCP Board. If this final approval is granted, support is administered as soon as practicable.

  • If final approval is not granted, more information may be requested and/or adjustments to the proposed support may be made in attempt to rectify concerns. If the application is denied following further negotiations, a written explanation will be provided, and no further recourse or appeal is available.

  • Legal Disclaimer: Information submitted to CFCP will be treated confidentially and only disclosed to personnel who have a need to know such information for the purpose of evaluating an application. Any information to be shared publicly will be done following written consent by a CFCP Board member and the Priest. CFCP’s support is voluntary and subject to change at the Board’s discretion

How quickly and to what extent is support provided?

  • The due diligence evaluation by CFCP following submission is anticipated to require at least two weeks to be completed (or faster in emergency situations).

  • Once the CFCP Board grants approval for requested assistance, a canceled priest may be supported as soon as circumstances permit as a one-time or recurring activity as appropriate for his case.
  • The duration of support is generally anticipated to be concluded within one year in most cases, though it
    may extend longer depending on the circumstances and availability of resources. In no case will CFCP
    provide permanent support.
  • While there is no set minimum value for support, in general, if recipients have a sufficiently critical need,
    financial or other material support is anticipated to be of a value of $500 or more.
  • The maximum available value of financial or other material support is $30,000.
  • All support is subject to the availability of funds and/or other requested resources.
  • Priority will be given to fulfilling existing commitments for the needs of canceled priests who have been
    approved by CFCP before expanding the pool of recipients to include new canceled priests’ requests.

Requests for those Receiving Support

To the extent practicable:

  • Pray for the successful pursuit of the CFCP mission by its volunteers and those priests aided by
  • Share lessons learned from your experience that can aid others facing a similar situation.
  • Take reasonable steps to restart active ministry and self-sufficiency as soon as practicable.
  • Publicly recognize the support provided by CFCP and promote the organization’s mission and work (could include a quote and photo for use in promotional material, speaking at events, etc.).

Priests – Apply for support

PDF Application
MSWord application
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