A Home & Oasis for our Canceled Priests

A Home & Oasis. This is the answer to the question that we are most often asked, “What does a canceled priest need?” Simply, A home. A dwelling. Where a man can feel safe living out his vocation as a holy and faithful priest.

While the case of each canceled priest is unique, there is a pattern that all cases share. Usually, when a priest is canceled, he is notified that he must vacate his rectory immediately.

While some have family or friends who can take them in, many priests have nowhere to turn. In short order, the priest discovers his pay cut or eliminated, and he is turned out of his rectory where he calls home. While many faithful Catholics open their homes to canceled priests this is not a long-term solution.

At the beginning of 2022 the Coalition for Canceled Priests did not have the intention to purchase property… but through Divine Providence an opportunity arose to answer that most asked question, “What does a canceled priest need?”

A home will give canceled priests a safe place to live as they appeal their cancelation to Rome, which usually takes years. Simply, it would allow them to grow in their vocation while living with brother priests.

Priests are called to live in fraternity, not alone or with friends and family. It’s an important aspect in ensuring a priest can grow in holiness as he brings the Sacraments to the faithful.

Will you help us give a home to priests who need it and a spiritual oasis for active priests and faithful Catholics from this cruel world?

Thank you and God Bless!

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We Have Taken Possession & Are Preparing it for Priestly Living (1-28-23)

Mid-January, we took possession of the house and property.

The first step was to spiritually cleanse the house. See the pictures above of the traditional house blessing conducted by Fr. Lovell. You’ll also see a picture of a mobile altar being used to celebrate Mass on top of the kitchen island.

We then had it deep cleaned followed by a fresh coat of paint.

Furnishing the House

We’re now actively working to furnish each room, ensuring we provide the necessary comfort for each priest who stays or visits. If you have new or very gently used furnishings or supplies that any house could use and would like to donate them (or sell at a discount) please notify us with an email: [email protected]


Soon after we decided to walk away from the property formerly known as the Franciscan Lourdes Friary in Cedar Lake, Indiana that we previously were under contract for, the CFCP team promptly began searching out a more feasible and suitable home, cognizant of the funds you have entrusted us with.

In November, we entered under contract on a beautiful, more modest, property close to Cedar Lake. This property would provide a ready-to-move in house for priests and provide the framework to create a spiritual destination for laity (God Willing).

Once the results of the thorough inspection came back, we decided to move to closing.

The CFCP team is blessed to announce that on December 27, 2022, The Coalition for Canceled Priests officially purchased this property with the funds (100%) that have been earmarked for a property purchase. We’re grateful to now be in possession of a home, safehouse, and oasis for canceled priests. CFCP doesn’t take possession until mid-January though. At that point, we will provide you with further information.

We have done our best to keep you updated through email (please subscribe for more detailed updates and information pertaining to the property), knowing we wouldn’t be allowed to share many details publicly. We’re grateful that you have supported us without all the kind of details we were sharing on the previous property we were considering purchasing.

Below is some further information about the property we have purchased, without yet sharing too many details (for reasons that are outlined). We’ll try to keep you updated on developments with the property. Thank you for your patience.

First and foremost, we are purchasing this property to secure a residence for canceled priests. We owe it to faithful canceled Catholic priests to provide a place where a priest can be safe, whether it be short-term or long-term basis.

The property is currently not a religious property and is more modest in size and scope compared to the other property formerly known as The Lourdes Friary that we were hoping to purchase. Total land is under 5 acres, currently with a 2-yr old house that can comfortably sleep 5 priests, have an office/podcast studio, and have a small private chapel to celebrate Mass. The property is surrounded by open land, providing peace and tranquility. We’d like to provide further description, along with pictures, but for concerns noted further down, we cannot do so yet.

Overall, it provides us with plenty of flexibility to expand. Plus, because of its modest size and cost, purchasing this property also allows us flexibility to secure other properties in other parts of the country/world.

At this point, it’s not going to be accessible to the average visitor. Because there currently aren’t any public religious aspects to the property/home, it won’t be a destination for the average lay Catholic, like the Lourdes Friary has been. Therefore, until the property is developed further for religious use, we will not be allowing general visitors.

Privacy is of utmost concern in the near future. We desire for this new property to be safe and secure for priests (and any guests). It’s not like the previous property that was open to the public and a religious destination for many.

We want to be as transparent as possible, though. We will do our best to provide you with the information you deserve to have as a supporter of CFCP. Again, it may be limited for the near future. Just know that the CFCP property acquisition team, the CFCP board, and the CFCP staff have our donor’s interest at heart. First and foremost, though, are the priests we are tasked to support.

Thank you for your patience as we work to make this new property ready for our mission.

More importantly, thank you for also praying and sacrificing!

We don’t believe we’d be at this point without everyone’s spiritual support.

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Letter provided by our chief engineer regarding the Property Acquisition (November 2022)

The property inspections are complete, and I have received and examined all of the data submitted by the professionals who performed the work. Their reports have given me confidence to form a reliable professional opinion of the site and buildings located at the former Franciscan Friary in Cedar Lake, IN.
While the location is an excellent one from the standpoint of proximity to Chicago, numerous grave flaws and deficiencies exist at the site. These shortcomings would require an inordinate expense to rectify if the property were to be purchased by the Coalition for Cancelled Priests. Terracon Engineers has reported that a minimum capital expenditure of $4.87 million over and above the $2.1 million contracted acquisition cost would be necessary to bring the property into code compliance for occupancy. Adjusted for the latest 8.2% current inflation rate, (September CPI), this expense would be $5.27 million. Refer to the capital cost data on Page Two (2).
The estimated timeframe required to correct all property issues is also a very serious limiting factor, being at least two (2) years to achieve occupancy. Refer to Page Two (2). This time frame seriously conflicts with the purpose to house priests in a timely way. Aside from cost considerations, this is a critical issue with the site.
Based upon the inspection reports submitted to me, and my personal knowledge of the property, it is my recommendation that another site should be considered instead of the former Franciscan Friary in Cedar Lake IN. A site requiring much less capital investment and able to support immediate occupancy should be preferable. This vision will, in the long run, serve both the best interests of the Coalition for Cancelled Priests, and the donors who support the search for a permanent headquarters.
I would advise all donors to continue their support for the Coalition of Cancelled Priests, in view of the most necessary mission to find a suitable home for cancelled priests, given the unjust persecution of these good men taking place in the Catholic Church during this tragic era of Church history.
May Our Lord bless our efforts.
I look forward to being of service to the Coalition for Cancelled Priests in the future.
Respectfully submitted,

James Michael Francis Komaniecki, P.E.
Licensed Professional Engineer

Capital Cost Estimate to Achieve Occupancy
** TOTAL CAPITAL COST —– $4,871,543 (Not Inflation Adjusted)
$5,271,009 (Inflation Adjusted at 8.2% based upon CPI)
A) Ten (10) months for engineering and architectural work. This includes site measurements, “as built” drawings, design reviews, construction drawings, written specifications, and obtaining building permits.
B) Two (2) months for demolition of walls and structures and removal of various items from the site and buildings.
C) Twelve (12) months minimum for construction, including necessary interim/final inspections by civil authorities to achieve occupancy permits.
D) Total time to occupancy = two (2) years minimum, after property acquisition.
** Professional Disclaimer:
1) All sub-contracted inspection professionals are responsible for the accuracy of their own work product, which forms the basis for the conclusions herein. No express warranty is given or implied beyond that offered by the inspection professionals.
2) The estimated capital cost is subject to a projected 8.2% current rate of inflation per year at the time of construction activity, which would begin after the design & demolition phase. This rate, while deemed accurate at present, cannot be guaranteed. Variables such as performance of the local and national economy will affect the inflation rate. The inflation rate is also subject to actions taken or not taken by the Federal Reserve. Refer to https://www.bls.gov/cpi
3) Project timelines are dependent upon a steady stream of revenue from fundraising by the Coalition for Cancelled Priests. The schedule could also be adversely affected by other variables, including weather, availability of materials, supply chain interruptions, and manpower limitations.
4) The above estimates of capital costs and schedule are subject to identification of other issues encountered during planning, demolition, and reconstruction. The rehabilitation of any older property is typically confounded by unforeseeable circumstances which inevitably cause both added cost and schedule delays.
5) Due to the age of the building, these estimates are not intended to reflect every risk with respect to the capital cost and schedule for this project, should it be undertaken by the Coalition for Cancelled Priests.

Update on the Property Acquisition from Fr. Lovell (8-31-22)

I’d like to provide an important update on the property we were under contract to purchase in Indiana. We were hoping to close on this purchase by August 23rd, 2022. This was the date drawn forth from our contract with the current owners selling the property, pending our due diligence inspection period.

There are several layers to a land purchase of this size, but with professional counsel, we have decided to let the contract expire without closing due to several major issues our professional inspectors uncovered through this inspection phase. This doesn’t mean we have closed the door on this property purchase, but it does mean we have chosen to step back from the current $2.1 million contract. We remain open to entering a new contract with the sellers, but we just don’t know yet if and how it would be structured.

We will keep you posted on developments

Many of you have supported the Coalition with this project in mind, in which we understand to be divinely inspired. Most of you have prayed alongside us, most recently during the current 54-day Rosary Novena. Many of you have also given financially for the Coalition’s real estate needs, which is greatly appreciated.

Please be assured that your contributions, be it your time, talent, prayers, finances, and/or energy are all being prudently applied, and will continue to be so. If this particular property purchase does not ultimately come to fruition, be assured we will work with you to ensure your financial contribution is properly applied elsewhere; either to our general mission or another property purchase (God Willing) we would pursue.

Please keep this project in prayer, particularly asking for Our Lady’s powerful intercession.

Lastly, we thank you for your continued support and thank you for walking with us on this journey to support our canceled priests.

In Christ,

Fr. John Lovell

President and co-founder

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Help us secure a home for canceled holy & faithful priests who seek to live in community until they can return to active ministry. For those priests who would still live independently, a CFCP home would then serve as a place of retreat to recharge spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

We thank you for your assistance.

The Coalition for Canceled Priests (CFCP) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with a vision to build a self-sustaining management model for any property we purchase.

Donations by check should be made out to “Coalition for Canceled Priests” and mailed to PO Box 208, Flossmoor, IL 60422. Please write “Property Acquisition” in the memo.

Not only are your financial contributions necessary, but in-kind contributions are needed too. If you feel called to learn more about ways to contribute non-monetarily, please email us at property@canceledpriests.org

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Would you please join us in prayer?

The cancel culture in The Church is real, so let’s remember to pray for the holy priests, bishops, and religious who have fallen victim to it. The least we can do is provide them a viable option for housing.

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