California Bound…For Life!

We celebrated together on June 24 at our conference when we heard the announcement that Roe V Wade was overturned.

As great of a victory it was, the culture of death clearly wasn’t eliminated that day.

The war to end the slaughter of innocent human beings will only be won with a unified Catholic Church. Therefore, please pray and fast for all of the laity and prelates in The Church who overtly & covertly advance the culture of death.

The Coalition for Canceled Priests will never waiver on The Teachings of The Church. This includes all moral teachings; especially the sanctity of life – from natural conception to natural death.

The CFCP Team, canceled priests, and special guests are looking forward to joining many of you in California to stand against the culture of death as we join in a Walk for Life and join together for a lunch and a dinner.

CFCP Events Feature

Jesse Romero

Fr. James Altman

Fr. John Lovell

Other Canceled Priests

We’ll do our best to show all participants that we proudly and unapologetically stand in opposition to the culture of death that continues to bring death and destruction to millions of babies and adults; many of whom are Californians.

Please note that the CFCP team has decided to modify the itinerary, keeping only the Southern California portion for budgetary reasons. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this is causing any of you who were planning on joining us in Northern California. Be assured that we’d like to plan for a future time to visit Northern California, if not for the 2024 Walk for Life West Coast.

See below for the current list of events