The Coalition for Canceled Priests in conjunction with the Lepanto Institute and Regina Magazine has launched Save the Latin Mass in Chicago. The rollout of this initiative on Sunday involved visits by two highly visible mobile billboard trucks to Holy Name Cathedral, which is the home parish of Cardinal Cupich, as well as Holy Trinity, St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. Mary of the Angels and St. John Cantius parishes, and raised awareness about the growing crackdown on the form of worship practiced by most of the saints throughout the history of the Church.

CCFP Chair Fr. John Lovell states, “The Coalition stands side by side with The Lepanto Institute and Regina Magazine in our commitment to defend The Traditional Latin Mass and the priests who celebrate it. We encourage priests to learn the ancient Roman Rite. We’re thrilled to report that the campaign is receiving overwhelming support as we take it from Chicago to the USCCB in Baltimore.”

In the wake of the pope’s recent Motu Proprio, “Traditionis Custodes”, several US bishops are implementing a series of increasingly severe restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass, with the ultimate goal of eradicating it completely. In response, Catholic laity from around the US have united in a shared mission to preserve the Mass of the Ages. Empowered by Canon 212, we have a right and a duty to inform our church leaders when they are in error.

Many of the priests who celebrate the TLM are now under pressure and in fear of being removed from their active roles as priests. The Coalition for Canceled Priests stands publicly in their defense, assuring them that the Catholic faithful are and will remain solidly behind them.

The Save the Latin Mass campaign will now move to other cities, making it clear to aggressive bishops that Catholics have had enough. Coupled with the successful Not One More Penny! billboard campaign, we are showing the bishops and the world that we will allow neither our holy priests nor the Mass in its timeless form to be taken from us.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiastic responses from Mass goers and many others encountered in the broader community. The social media response and contributions to our new crowdfunding campaign are growing. There have been many requests to bring the campaign to other locations around the country.

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